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Microeconomics I for PhD Students, Department of Industrial Economics, Tamkang University

Professor: Jin-Li Hu, Institute of Business and Management, National Chiao-Tung University

1. Purpose: This course provides basic trainings for a PhD student in economics to prepare for academic research. Game theory and its applications will be emphasized.

2. Textbook: Mas-Colell, A., M.D. Whinston, and J.R. Green (1995), Microeconomic Theory, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

3. Chapters to Teach:

(Chapter 7) Basic Elements of Noncooperative Games

(Chapter 8) Simultaneous-Move Games

(Chapter 9) Dynamic Games

(Chapter 10) Competitive Markets

(Chapter 11) Externality and Public Goods

(Chapter 12) Market Power

(Chapter 13) Adverse Selection, Signaling, and Screening

(Chapter 14) The Principal-Agent Problem

(Chapter 21) Social Choice Theory

(Chapter 22) Elements of Welfare Economics and Axiomatic Bargaining

(Chapter 23) Incentives and Mechanism Design

4. Gradings: Classroom attendance and discussion (40%), Midterm (30%), Final Exam (30%)

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