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National Chiao-Tung University

Institute of Business and Management

Course ID

IBM 6095

Course Name

China Economy Studies

Credit hours



Jin-Li Hu




Tsai, F. and Y.F. Lin (2003), Chinese Economy (in Chinese), Taipei: McGraw Hill.

Objective of the Course

This course provides a basic understanding of the mainland China economy. Data sources for China will be introduced. Econometrics will be applied to study various issues in China’s economic development.

Course outlines

1.            A Historic View of Chinese Economy

2.            Geographical Conditions, Natural Resources, and Population

3.            Labor Force and Its Allocation

4.            Banking System and Financial Markets

5.            Economic Growth, Structural Change, and Regional Difference

6.            Agricultural Reform and Development

7.            Industrial Development and Enterprise Reform

8.            Establishing the Social Security System

9.            Resource, Environment, and Sustainable Development

10.        China and the World Economy

11.        Government’s Functions and Fiscal Policy


Course requirements

Class attendance (30%), in-class discussion (20%), project proposal (10%), oral presentation (20%), term paper (20%)

Journal Websites

1.          Journal of Comparative Economics,

2.          China Economic Review,

3.          The Chinese Economy,

4.      World Development,

5.      Journal of Development Economics,

6.      Developing Economies,

7.   Journal of Asian Economics,