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National Chiao-Tung University

Institute of Business and Management

Course ID

IBM 6041

Course Name

Intellectual Property Law and Management

Credit hours



Jin-Li Hu




Liu, B.W. (2002), The Protection and Management of the Intellectual Property Rights (in Chinese), Taipei:?Yang-Chih.

Objective of the Course

IP protection is a competitive strategy which creates not only a firmís profits but also its competitive advantage.? We would like to train managers with correct IP knowledge as well as strategic thinking.

Course outlines

1.      Introduction: how to IPís use, kinds, characteristics, and problems

2.      Management and Trends of IP

3.      Copyright

4.      Patent

5.      Trademark

6.      Trade secret

7.      International conventions and treaties on IP

8.      Parallel imports of genuine goods

9.      Domain names

10.  US Sections 301 an307

11.  US Economic Espionage Act

12.  IP lawsuits and settlement

13.  IP appraisal

14.  IP asset management

15.  Overseas IP operations

16.  Technology transfer in the U.S.

17.  Technology transfer in Japan

18.  Technology transfer in Taiwan

19.  Incubation centers

20.  IP issues on the internet

21.  IP laws and Fair Trade Law

Course requirements

Class attendance in-class discussion (50%), oral presentation (25%), term paper (25%)