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National Chiao-Tung University

Institute of Business and Management

Course ID

IBM 6025

Course Name

Financial Markets

Credit hours



Jin-Li Hu




Mishkin, F.S. and S.G. Eakins (2003), Financial Markets + Institutions, 4th ed., New York:  Addison and Wesley.

Objective of the Course


Course outlines

1.      Overview of the Financial System and Financial Markets

2.      Introduction different kind of Financial Markets:  Money Markets and Capital Markets

3.      Tools in Financial Markets

4.      Financial Intermediaries

5.      Interest Rates

6.      Determinants of Asset Price and Risk

7.      Determinants of Interest rate and Capital Market Equilibrium

8.      The term Structure and Risk of Interest Rate

9.      Foreign Exchange Market and Exchange Rate

10.  Efficient Markets Theory

11.  Financial Structure

12.  Financial Innovation

13.  Bank Management

14.  Risk Management of Financial Organization

15.  Derivative Instruments: Futures, Forward Foreign Exchange, Option, Swaps

16.  Hedge

17.  Monetary Theory and Policy

18.  International Finance

Course requirements

Class attendance:  in-class discussion (30%), oral presentation (20%), oral presentation and term paper (50%)