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National Chiao-Tung University

Institute of Business and Management

Course ID

IBM 6021

Course Name


Credit hours



Jin-Li Hu




Mao, Chu, Lin, Hsu, Chen, Chen, and Hwang (2001), Economics (in Chinese), 3rd ed., Taipei: Hwa-Tai.

Objective of the Course

This course provides graduate students with training in economic analysis, in order to analyze the human optimization behavior and interesting social phenomenon.

Course outlines

1.      Introduction


2.      Demand and Supply

3.      Market equilibrium, comparative static analysis

4.      Demand elasticity and supply elasticity

5.      Demand curve

6.      Production function

7.      Cost function

8.      Perfect competition market

9.      Monopoly market

10.  Compare with perfect competition market and monopoly market

11.  Monopolistic competition market

12.  Oligopoly, economics efficiency, competitive equilibrium

13.  Factors of production


14.  Introduction:  macroeconomics

15.  Macroeconomic indices

16.  Unemployment and inflation

17.  Government budget

18.  The simple Keynesian model

19.  Money and commercial banks

20.  Money supply and demand

21.  Aggregate demand theory

22.  Aggregate demand and supply and government policies

23.  Long-run economic growth

24.  International trade

25.  International finance

Course requirements

Class attendance, in-class discussion (30%), midterm (30%), final exam (40%).