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Institute of Business and Management, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Updated on 2015/2/15

Course ID

IBM 6006

Course Name

Production and Operations Management

Credit hours



Jin-Li Hu



Stevenson, W.J. (2007), Operations Management, 9th ed., Boston: McGraw-Hill Irwin.

Objective of the Course

This course provides basic trainings in management science to the first-year MBA students. Both modeling techniques and conceptual frameworks will be introduced. The students are required to propose and undertake term projects based on real activities.

This course is designed for regular MBA students who need to write a master thesis and experience projects with real production and operations. In order to pursue globalization for university education in Taiwan, this course will be taught in English. The POWERPOINT files used during the lecture are also in English. However, the homework answers, midterm proposal, oral presentation, and project reports can be in Chinese.

The term project should be based on real activities or venture and innovation projects (VIP).

Course outlines

1.        Competitiveness, Strategy, and Productivity

2.        Forecasting

3.        Product and Service Design--- and also Reliability

4.          Capacity Planning --- and also Decision Theory

5.        Process Selection and Facility Layout --- and also Linear Programming

6.        Design of Work Systems --- and also Learning Curves

7.        Location Planning and Analysis --- and also the Transportation Model

8.        Quality Control --- and also Acceptance Sampling

9.        TQM and Quality Tools

10.    Supply Chain and Management --- and also Purchasing and Supplier Management

11.    Inventory Management

12.    Aggregate Planning

13.    MRP and ERP

14.    Just-in-Time Systems --- and also Maintenance

15.    Scheduling

16.    Project Management

17.    Waiting Lines --- and also Simulation

Course requirements

Class attendance and in-class discussion (25%), homework (25%), project proposal (10%), oral presentation (20%), written final report (20%)

Journal Websites

1.        Management Science,

2.        Operations Research,

3.        Journal of Operations Management,

4.        International Journal of Production Economics,

5.        Omega,

6.        Total Quality Management and Business Excellence,

7.        European Journal of Operational Research,